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2019 IDRC Doctoral Research Awardees

Baada, Jemima
Examining the dual effects of climate change and multilateral investment on agrarian migration in Ghana
Western University, PhD in Women's Studies
Ms. Baada was also awarded the David and Ruth Hopper and Ramesh and Pilar Bhatia Canada Research Fellowship.

Dzorka, Gifty
Corporate agricultural production, smallholder farming and the sustainability of food systems in Ghana (Volta region)
University of Manitoba, PhD in Anthropology

Edet, Christine
Food insecurity and tobacco farming in rural Zambia
University of Waterloo, PhD in Public Health and Health Systems

Galappaththi, Iroshani
Governing fisheries value chains towards wellbeing and sustainability: the case of the dried fish sector in Eastern Sri Lanka and West Bengal, India
University of Waterloo, PhD in Social and Ecological Sustainability

Handl, Melisa
Gender equality and female empowerment in the context of Argentina’s Universal Child Allowance program: Are conditional cash transfers empowering or entrapping poor women?
University of Ottawa, PhD of Law, on gender, social policy and development

Jones, Philip
Violence and smuggling markets: Exploring the governance of illicit trade in Brazil
Carleton University, PhD in International Affairs

Kasine, Yvonne
Nurses’ and midwives’ experiences as mentees in a clinical mentorship model in Rwanda
Western University, PhD in Nursing

Khan, Andrea
Assessing business efforts to reduce child labour in developing countries: the case of adolescent girls in India’s garment industry
University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development and Global Studies

Kwaku Kumah, Richard
Chinese involvement in Ghana’s artisanal and small-scale gold mining: A path to resource exploitation or sustainable community development?
Queen’s University, PhD in Environmental Studies

Mikuska, Stefan
Mobile phones, fiscal politics, and development: The political economy of money and finance in Zimbabwe
York University, PhD in Political Science

Musiwa, Anthony
From rhetoric to action: Understanding primary healthcare for children in rural Zimbabwe using the child rights-based approach - Zimbabwe/Manicaland Province
McGill University, PhD in Social Work

Nkrumah, Rodney Buadi
Equity, inequality, and educational access in an era of sustainable development: Exploring experiential access to basic education in rural northern Ghana
McGill University, PhD in Social Work

Okyere, Dorcas
The experiences of female migrants in southern Africa: A comparative study of Ghanaian and Nigerian migrants in Cape Town, South Africa
Queen's University, PhD in Gender Studies

Petrozziello, Allison
Birth registration as bordering practice: A feminist ethnography of intergenerational statelessness and social exclusion in the Dominican Republic
Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD in Global Governance

Pradhan, Sisir Kanta
Social-ecological analysis on dried fish value chain for community wellbeing in West Bengal, India
University of Waterloo, PhD in Environment

Shahadu, Abdul Somed
Changing masculinities: Perspectives on engaging men and boys in gender equality initiatives in Tamale, Ghana
University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development and Global Studies

Solanki, Aakash
From development planning to predicting development: Artificial intelligence for development in India
University of Toronto, PhD in Anthropology

Vold, Lindsey
Climate change and food security: Community-based collaboration and problem-solving from two unlikely places (Tanzania)
University of Saskatchewan, PhD in Nursing (DECLINED)

Warnat, Amber
Mapping homophobic rape in South Africa
Carleton University, PhD in International Affairs

Yanful, Bernice
Ghana’s School Feeding policy: A critical discourse analysis of “home-grown” feeding programs, food sovereignty, and food procurement from small-scale farmers
University of Toronto, PhD in Public Health