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2018 IDRC Research Award recipients

ATIIM, George,
Developing the evidence-base on (un)healthy diets and food environment to prevent noncommunicable disease (DEFINE) in Ghana, West Africa
Food, Environment and Health

BAMBA, Leila,
Is ‘Peace Tech’ a viable tool for conflict prevention? Assessing the impact of ICTs and Big Data during electoral contest
Governance and Justice

Scaling smallholder resilience and environmental sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa: Gendered opportunities and bottlenecks for community access to climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices
Agriculture and Food Security

Risk analysis associated to anthropogenic threats in the provision of priority ecosystem services in Laguna de Rocha protected landscape (Rocha, Uruguay)
Climate Change, Latin America and the Caribbean regional office (Montevideo, Uruguay)

CHAN, Cheryl,
Growing pains in the digital economy: A comparison of challenges and opportunities for supporting digital inclusiveness and innovation in Vietnam
Networked Economies

FERRAO, Stephanie,
Choice and capabilities: Examining economic and social factors that influence labour market transitions amongst Tanzanian women completing secondary schooling
Employment and Growth

HEAGLE, Adele,
Approaching, analyzing, acting: The ethical implications of adolescent sexual and reproductive health research in young refugee girls in Jordan
Advisory Committee on Research Ethics / Maternal and Child Health

Gender dynamics in adoption and profitability of the thermostable Newcastle vaccine in western Kenya
Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund, regional office for sub-Saharan Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

ODUTAYO, Aramide,
Mainstreaming adolescents in sexual and reproductive health and rights programming in Benin
Maternal and Child Health