2017 IDRC Doctoral Research Awardees

Governing housing access for refugee women in Nairobi: Expanding the scope of safety and economic inclusivity in informal settlements.
Queen’s University, PhD in Political Studies

CADESKY, Jessica Nicole,
Gender equality in post-conflict aid programming in Sri Lanka: Delivering meaningful change or simply ticking boxes?
University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development

CHILANGA, Emmanuel,
Examining the association and pathways of gender based violence against women, household food security, and nutritional outcomes of children under five in Mzuzu City, Malawi.
McGill University, PhD in Social Work

Race, labour, and capital: Reviewing the EEE commodity chain across Ghana.
York University, PhD in Environmental Studies

FLOREZ BOSSIO, Maria Camila,
Urban adaptation to climate change in Lima, Peru.
McGill University, PhD in Geography

HIRANI, Shela,
Facilitators and barriers to breastfeeding practices of internally displaced mothers residing in disaster relief camps of Pakistan: A critical ethnography.
University of Alberta, PhD in Nursing

KAGA, Midori,
Can the refugee speak? Creating space in development-led approaches for refugee agency and voice (Lebanon)
University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development

KC, Hari,
Uncovering the gender code in labour migration governance: A comparative case study of Nepal and the Philippines.
Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD in Global Governance

KHADKA, Kamal,
Uncovering drought tolerance in a diverse set of Nepali spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes.
University of Guelph, PhD in Agriculture (DECLINED)

LEEPILE, Tebogo,
The roles of environmental and agricultural biodiversity on household food security and nutritional status of indigenous women of childbearing age, and young children. The case of the San in rural Botswana.
University of British Columbia, PhD in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems

LUO, Chibulu,
Diagnosing energy-efficient and resilient urban development in Dar es Salaam and Lusaka: A spatial planning approach.
University of Toronto, PhD in Urban Planning

MAC-SEING, Muriel,
Legislation, health policy, and utilization of sexual and reproductive health services by people with disabilities: A mixed methods study in the post-conflict northern region of Uganda.
Université de Montréal, PhD in Public Health

McDOWELL, Graham,
Adaptation to climate-related hydrological changes in high mountains (Nepal, Peru).
University of British Columbia, PhD in Resources, Environment and Sustainability

NNEBE, Nnedimma,
Gender analysis of post-harvest management in Zambia: A case Study of Mpika and Shiwa Ng'andu districts
McGill University, PhD in Human Nutrition

Évaluation des programmes de prévention de la transmission mère-enfant du VIH en Haïti.
University of Montréal, PhD in Public Health

RAZA, Syed Shozab,
Evolving landlordism: Contract farming and agrarian policy in South Punjab, Pakistan.
University of Toronto, PhD in Anthropology

Women as storytellers: Collective action against gender-based violence: A case study of mothers' associations in Benin.
University of Ottawa, PhD in Education

SESHIE, Abigail,
Gender and education policies in Ghana: Pre-and post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
University of Saskatchewan, PhD in Sociology

TOHON, Gbèdolo Honesty,
Pratiques culturelles pour une agriculture urbaine durable en contexte de pays en développement: Étude des déterminants sur le site de maraîchage de Houéyiho, à Cotonou (Bénin).
University of Montreal, PhD in Public Health

Urban forest in Mexico City: analysis and planning to mitigate climate change effects.
University of Toronto, PhD in Urban Ecology

African peace, security & conflict management: An African international society approach (Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa).
Dalhousie University, PhD in Political Science

The role of traditional actors in taxation in Sierra Leone: Unorthodox public-private partnerships and their implication for inclusive economic development.
University of Toronto, PhD in Political Science

Vulnerable young women in Botswana co-construct solutions to improve access to government support programs.
McGill University, PhD in Public Health

WERNER, Karolina,
From statebuilding to localized governance: Exploring African governance structures (Uganda).
Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD in Global Governance

Building an inclusive city from the bottom-up: marginalized migrants’ struggles for adequate and affordable housing in São Paulo, Brazil.
Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD in Global Governance