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New ways to deal with Cape Town's flooded shacklands
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Governor General, David Johnston, Neil Turok, and Thierry Zomahoun


International competition for science journalists to attend EcoHealth 2014


Supported by IDRC’s Ecohealth program, the World Federation of Science Journalists is launching a global competition for science journalists to attend and cover EcoHealth 2014. This event, the fifth biennial conference of the International...

IDRC grantee honoured for work improving farming practices in Nigeria


Nigeria's Osun State University has won the Southwest Nigeria Outstanding University of the Year Award for 2014. The university was recognized for its research project aimed at improving nutrition, incomes, and food security for Nigeria’s rural...


Highlight: Stakeholders address pressing problems confronting Niger's health system


Stakeholders working in Niger's health sector met in Niamey in February 2014 to discuss pressing problems confronting the country’s health system. The meeting was part of a series of dialogues organized by the Laboratoire d'études et de recherches...

International conference on the future of African deltas


Members of a research consortium exploring changes in some of the world's most vulnerable deltas will take part in the International Conference on Contemporary Evolution of African Floodplains and Deltas from May 27-30 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania...

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Bulletin — April 2014

Ten times a year, IDRC publishes the IDRC Bulletin, which offers insights into the world of international development research.

Featured Publication

LES DÉCHETS ÉLECTRONIQUES ET INFORMATIQUES EN AFRIQUE<BR>Défis et opportunités pour un développement durable au Bénin, au Mali et au Sénégal

Défis et opportunités pour un développement durable au Bénin, au Mali et au Sénégal

Should joining the information society happen without assessing the risks posed by the flood of equipment into African countries? What strategies and mechanisms can these countries, consumers of computer and electronic products that are often at the...

Latest Projects

Scaling up Intermittent Rice Irrigation for Malaria Control on the North Coast of Peru

New research aims to help control malaria in one watershed in northern Peru.

Malaria is widespread in Peru's arid North Coast because of …

Labour Market Inequality in Brazil and India: A Comparative Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Study

Think tanks in Brazil and India are joining forces to examine the factors behind wage inequality in their countries and propose policy options to …

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