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Pervasive Technologies: Access to Knowledge (A2K)in the Marketplace

Pervasive networked communication technologies are transforming the way in which people across the world access information. The prices of mobile phones and netbooks have plummeted, even as their penetration and use have become nearly ubiquitous. …

Think Tank Initiative and Think Tank Fund Peer Exchanges

The Think Tank Initiative (TTI) and the Think Tank Fund (TTF) are partnering to support peer exchanges between think tanks in regions where the programs are active: Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe (the former Soviet …

Research into Open Educational Resources for Development

Higher education plays an important role in helping developing countries reach their development goals. Yet, higher education institutions in many developing countries face a number of challenges. Among them is the growing demand for postsecondary …

Understanding Think Tank-University Relationships in South Asia

Understanding Think Tank-University Relationships in Latin America

Urban Violence Reduction and Citizen Security in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and South Africa

Failed and fragile states are attracting global attention; however, they sit at one end of a spectrum of states struggling to instill order and authority. Citizens in these countries want security and representation. Equally important challenges …

Southern Voice on Post-Millennium Development Goals

As 2015 approaches, the international community is critically assessing the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were established in 2000. It is also considering the issues and targets that should be included in a future …

South Asian Labour and Employment Report: Promoting Inclusive Growth

The majority of South Asian workers have low-paying jobs with no social protection. South Asian workers, especially women and lower caste workers, face precarious employment in the informal sector, insecure livelihoods, and lack skills. Rapid …

Understanding the Market for Agro-Commodities in the West Bank

Food security is a major issue in the West Bank. Given the region's arid environment and limited water for irrigation, knowing how to best use scarce resources can better inform agricultural policy for food security. This research will examine …

Enhancing Kenya's Competitiveness in the Knowledge-Based Economy through Universities' Research Chairs Program

Kenya's universities face increasing pressure to play a more active role in national development over and above their traditional teaching and research functions. This project will contribute to Kenya's social and economic development by enhancing …

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