RESEARCH MATTERS: Translating research results into policy and practice

By communicating their research widely and linking it with policy and practices, researchers can promote sound knowledge translation and make their work matter. Ensuring that good science reaches people and leads to positive action, however, requires strategic action, creativity, and communication skills.

Over the last seven years, Research Matters (RM), a joint IDRC-Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation project, worked with developing-country researchers to help them make their research better known and used. RM provided them with technical and financial support so that their research results could reach a wider audience and inform change. The capacity-building support took many forms, from institutional support to assistance in preparing media projects and various types of training materials and workshops.
The Knowledge Translation Toolkit is a key RM result. Drawing from the experience of specialists around the world, the book provides a compilation of theories, tools, and strategies to enhance the capacity and motivation of researchers to translate knowledge and use it effectively. Consult the toolkit.
RM funded several media projects. For instance, a project with BBC World Service Trust developed a successful radio program on health issues in East Africa. The 41-issue Kimasomaso radio program covered issues from health facilities in slums to governance of health systems. By reaching out to over 4.5 million listeners, it led to a surge of interest in health policy issues among youth, researchers, and decision-makers.
Read more about the RM outputs below.


Research matters newsletter, March 2006

Establishing knowledge translation platforms : the Zambian experience

ZAMFOHR (The Zambia Forum for Health Research) annual report - 2008 : strengthening the capacity to undertake and utilize research and evidence in health policy and practice

Knowledge translation : a "research matters" toolkit

Promoting evidence-based decision making in health systems : establishing knowledge translation platform; presented at the WHO/TDR/TRG Conference on Implementation Research, Abuja, Nigeria, 4th - 8th May 2009

Health policy formulation process in Zambia : presented at the Zambia Forum For Health Research (ZAMFORH) Workshop held from 3rd - 4th June 2009 at Ibis Gardens

Public healthcare financing

Workers on Wednesday : healthcare financing; the state of healthcare and the working class

Contemporary KT tools : policy briefs and national policy dialogues

RealHealthNews : the magazine of real action and research, no. 10, November 2008

Research matters newsletter, April 2007

Bulletin research matters, avril 2007

Research matters newsletter, June 2008

Bulletin research matters, juin 2008

Research matters newsletter, December 2008

Bulletin research matters, décembre 2008

Research matters newsletter, July 2009

Bulletin research matters, juillet 2009

Research matters newsletter, December 2009

Bulletin research matters, décembre 2009

Inventory of knowledge translation and exchange : summary table and analysis

Report to International Development Research Centre : Development of the Zambia Forum for Health Research

Uganda National Policy Dialogue for the Malaria - ACT Policy Brief : UNHRO Secretariat, Entebbe, Uganda, Thursday, 23rd April 2008; report of the meeting

Global scoping study on knowledge translation (KT) training opportunities : inventory of opportunities created by and for upper income countries (UICs)

Global scoping study on knowledge translation (KT) training opportunities : inventory of opportunities created for / with / by low and middle income countries (LMICs)

Global scoping study on knowledge translation (KT) training opportunities : complete inventory of opportunities

Knowledge translation training opportunities : global scoping study insights

Kimasomaso : speaking boldly about sexual health; health facilities in slum areas, 28 February 2010

Kimasomaso : speaking boldly about sexual health; question and answer on combating HIV in Rwanda, etc., 7 March 2010

Kimasomaso : speaking boldly about sexual health; teenage sex, 14 March 2010

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