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IDRC believes that research and innovation hold the keys to progress in developing countries. Our programs respond to evolving priorities in a fast-changing world by fostering science and innovation, strengthening health systems, boosting agricultural production and food security, and promoting equitable growth.

Working with some of the brightest minds in Canada and the developing world, we focus on achieving results.

Here you will find results of recent projects and activities.

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New global study points to higher returns for lower fertility

While low fertility and aging can challenge government social safety nets, a new global study published in Science suggests that modest population declines can improve standards of living.In many countries, couples are having fewer babies – or none...

Finding decent jobs for Peru's youth

There is an urgent need for solid research and policy guidance to tackle youth employment challenges in Latin America.In the region almost 9 million youth are unemployed. Regionally, for every three young workers, two are employed in precarious...

Protecting food, energy, and livelihoods in Punjab through water-efficient agriculture

The state of Punjab spearheaded the Green Revolution that has transformed Indian agriculture. Encouraged by price guarantees, expanded irrigation, and the introduction of high-yielding crop varieties, Punjabi farmers have shifted toward intensive...

Five diseases, one vaccine — a boost for emerging livestock farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

Livestock diseases have a major impact on farmers’ lives in sub-Saharan Africa. South African and Canadian scientists are developing two livestock vaccines that will be affordable, heat-stable, and provide long-term protection against diseases.   ...

Canadian initiative leading the way for equitable health systems and improved maternal, child health

For more than a decade, IDRC has supported a large number of researchers, research networks, and global institutions in their efforts to build stronger, more equitable health systems. Equipped with strong evidence, IDRC grantees are leading the way...

Investing in Internet access boosts incomes, concludes Latin American study

High-speed Internet access, or broadband, can effectively contribute to economic and social development, but only when it is combined with investments in human capital, such as teacher training and digital literacy programs for women, according to a...

Sexual harassment in Cairo: The effectiveness of crowdsourced data

The challenge of collecting data on sensitive issues like gender-based violence is well-documented across the globe. Stigma and shame prevent many victims of sexual harassment from talking about or reporting these crimes. However, new technologies...

Reducing the risk of rabies in Bali

Tourism is an important driver of economic growth throughout Southeast Asia. However, a booming tourism industry has caused dramatic changes to populations and ecosystems through rapid urbanization, extensive land development, and the exploitation...

Strengthening the field of ecohealth research in Latin America and the Caribbean

Vector-borne diseases are a significant public health concern in Latin America and the Caribbean and are responsible for one million years of potential life loss due to premature death or disability. Building on over a decade of ecohealth research...

Strengthening resilient livelihoods to reduce poverty in West Africa’s semi-arid areas

Despite the success of research and development activities in integrating crop and livestock production, few West African communities are adopting these technologies. The challenge in promoting a mixed dairy and market garden farming system is...

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