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Research Databases
IDRC believes knowledge-sharing is critical to addressing issues in developing countries. We offer access to two databases:

Researcher Resources

Through the IDRC library, we offer research resources and services to our funded researchers. They include:
For more information about IDRC Library resources and services to funded researchers, consult the “Library Guide for IDRC-funded Researchers,” or email us at

Featured Publication

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

It’s a sad truth that many smallholder farmers in poor countries today struggle to feed themselves while also supplying local markets.Food. Enough of it to live a healthy, productive life. It’s a basic need that many Canadians (although not all) can...

Research Databases
IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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