IDRC supports researchers from developing countries who are finding innovative, lasting solutions to local problems. We share the impacts of this groundbreaking research through print and free online publications, including books co-published by IDRC and presses around the world. We also publish articles and newsletters, including the IDRC Bulletin, as well as multimedia projects, such as Lasting Impacts, our tribute to over 40 years of IDRC-supported research, and the In_focus Collection of thematic mini-websites.

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“Doing the bright thing,” for Canada and the world

IDRC’s President reflects on a recent trip to Chile and Colombia as part of the delegation accompanying the Governor General of Canada   No country can confront the tremendous challenges of today’s world on its own. But nor should it.  A recent...

Top stories of 2014 on

      From increasing access to nutritious food to boosting women’s opportunities to lead safe and healthy lives, the most popular content featured on our homepage in 2014 showcases IDRC-funded research that has made a difference across the...

Participatory Action Research in Health Systems: Empowering people to lead change

A new publication, Participatory Action Research in Health Systems: a methods reader, was launched at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2014. The reader was published by the Regional Network...

The science and practice of people-centred health systems

How can we secure people-centred health systems?   This was one of the main questions discussed by some 2,000 participants at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town, South Africa. The symposium's theme of people-centred...

Information and Networks Working Paper: Aiding surveillance

Information technology transfer is increasingly a key component of development and humanitarian aid initiatives. With social protection programs now incorporating digitized management information systems and electronic transfers, registration and...

Ending gender violence

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (November 25 to December 10) is an international campaign that brings awareness to the heavy toll that violence takes on individuals, families and communities around the world. To mark this...

IDRC Bulletin — Winter 2014

In this issue, IDRC observes the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, November 25 to December 10, 2014. Featured this month 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Follow IDRC on Twitter @IDRC_CRDI or visit our website during the...

Putting Canadian entrepreneurship in the global picture

Through the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Canadian and international researchers are capturing and sharing new insights on what motivates entrepreneurs, and how to help them thrive. Their findings give governments solid ground for policies to...

Adaptation in climate change hotspots: Change under way in Africa and Asia

The Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) aims to build the resilience of poor people to climate change in three climate change “hot spots”: basins, deltas, and semi-arid regions. In each of these areas, large...

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

It’s a sad truth that many smallholder farmers in poor countries today struggle to feed themselves while also supplying local markets.Food. Enough of it to live a healthy, productive life. It’s a basic need that many Canadians (although not all) can...

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MAKING EVALUATION MATTER<br>Writings from South Asia

Writings from South Asia

This is a first-of-its-kind collection of writings by evaluation professionals working in South Asia. It analyses and documents the status of, and challenges for, development evaluation in this region. The collection covers three critical dimensions...

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