IDRC supports researchers from developing countries who are finding innovative, lasting solutions to local problems. We share the impacts of this groundbreaking research through print and free online publications, including books co-published by IDRC and presses around the world. We also publish articles and newsletters, including the IDRC Bulletin, as well as multimedia projects, such as Lasting Impacts, our tribute to over 40 years of IDRC-supported research, and the In_focus Collection of thematic mini-websites.

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Ensuring a reliable supply of drinking water in Central America

​Researchers are working with community-based water supply organizations in Central America to improve their reliability and reach in the face of climate change.Community-based water supply organizations (CBWSOs) play a key role in distributing...

Communicating climate risks to Vietnam's vulnerable coastal communities

Vietnam is particularly vulnerable to climate change and associated sea level rise, as much of its population lives in high-risk, low-lying delta and coastal areas. For instance, in 2011, severe flooding hit the coastal city of Can Tho and its...

IDRC awards support future leaders in climate change and water research

An IDRC research awards program is supporting innovative research and building future leadership and knowledge in ICTs, climate change, and water. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as mobile phones, the Internet, community radio...

Local climate change data is securing food and livelihoods in southern Africa

Climate change and variability pose a major threat to farming, food security, and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa. Impacts, including a predicted 2°C rise in temperature, will increase the region’s vulnerability to extreme weather events such as...

IDRC Bulletin – May 2015

In this issue, learn more about the 3rd International Open Data Conference on May 28-29. You can also find more details on IDRC's new Open Access Policy for IDRC-funded project outputs. Featured this month 3rd International Open Data Conference...

​Mental health and Citizenship: Breaking down barriers in Brazil and Canada

IDRC-funded research calls for a new approach to mental health care Around the world, people suffering from mental health issues struggle to exercise full citizenship in health care systems that leave little room for their independence. Could a...

IDRC Bulletin — April 2015

In this issue, in honour of World Health Day on April 7 and World Malaria Day on April 25, find out more about IDRC-supported research that is helping communities meet the health challenges that they face.  Featured this month IDRC on health and...

Building maternal e-health in Vietnam

​Researchers are harnessing mobile phone technology to provide ethnic minority women in Vietnam with crucial information about pregnancy, birth, and infant care.  Vietnam has made impressive strides in recent years in improving the health of...

Zaman Talukder: Empowering women through food security

An agriculture, food security, and nutrition expert based in Cambodia, Zaman Talukder, has been providing technical support to the Enhanced Homestead Food Production (EHFP) program at Helen Keller International. Zaman is working to integrate mixed...

Building new foundations for Arab youth

​The uprisings that swept parts of the Middle East and North Africa were fuelled in part by youth frustration: the region has the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. With economic crisis accompanying the instability, there is tremendous...

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DEVELOPING NATIONAL SYSTEMS OF INNOVATION<BR>University-Industry Interactions in the Global South

University-Industry Interactions in the Global South

Interactions between firms and universities are key building blocks of innovation systems. With a focus on developing countries, this book presents novel comparative research spanning three continents. The result is a more universal and dynamic view...

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