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Sénégal : Les femmes rurales à l’épreuve d’une citoyenneté foncière

Fatou Diop Sall and Ramata Thioune / x

Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group / 2012-08-08
9789956727827 / 160 pg.

Women in Senegal face many challenges in their struggles to access agricultural land and excercise their rights as citizens. A recently published book, Sénégal : Les femmes rurales à l’épreuve d’une citoyenneté foncière, explores these issues from several perspectives (gender, ethnicity, law, economics, politics, geography, etc.) and reveals how the socio-cultural realities specific to each of Senegal’s agro-ecological zones contribute to women's exclusion.

Co-authored and edited by Dr Fatou Diop Sall of the Université Gaston Berger - Saint-Louis (Senegal), and IDRC senior program officer Ramata Thioune, the book presents the challenge of adopting an inclusive and collaborative approach to the struggle for women’s access to agricultural land while also providing opportunities to identify the links between access to land and stronger citizenship rights for Senegalese women.  
The book is published by the Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group (Langaa RPCIG), with support from IDRC. A non-profit initiative, Langaa's mission is to contribute to Africa’s cultural development by conducting research, providing training in research, writing and publishing, and promoting African scholarship and creative writing.

You can find more details on how to purchase the book here (available in French only).

Non-IDRC Book Details Page
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