Using Email Lists to Work Together

Maureen James and Liz Rykert /

Also available in Spanish

IDRC / 1998-01-01

ISBN: Out of print / 68 pg.
e-ISBN: 1-55250-253-8

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From your desktop, email provides a quick, reliable, and cost-effective link to the world at large. With proper use, it will expand your traditional workplace into a busy, boundless, and more productive "workspace."
In the developing regions of the world, email currently extends much further than does any other Internet-based technology. Consequently, email lists have evolved as a powerful tool for collaboration in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In these and other regions of the world, however, experienced users of email lists are few and far between. And, for the inexperienced user, participating in such a list can be a frustrating and sometimes intimidating experience.
This guide provides practical and useful advice on how to set up an email list, how to launch it, and how to keep it active and vibrant. If you use email in your daily business, are taking part in an email list,or are thinking about setting up or joining such a list, this guide is for you.

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