in_focus: WOMEN AND LAND
Securing Rights for Better Lives


This in_focus website assembles a variety of resources on women and land rights. Including videos, case studies, research reports, and books, the site presents results of IDRC-supported research and the important lessons that have been learned.

Surprisingly little detailed information exists on women’s relationship to land, and even less is informed by women themselves. This in_focus website aims to help fill that gap. Grounded in local realities, the evidence gathered here captures the diversity and complexity of women’s experiences from across the developing world.


Land is an important source of security against poverty. But, in many places, unequal rights to land put women at a disadvantage, perpetuate poverty, and entrench gender inequality.


With IDRC support, researchers, academics, grassroots activists, and community leaders around the world have worked together to explore the experiences of women from many angles: legal, customary, political, and economic.


The evidence presented here provides fresh insight for policymakers and others working to secure women’s rights to land and thus strengthen the communities in which they live.


IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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