Projects designed to confront development challenges
IDRC-funded researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa conduct projects that provide important insights into the complex issues facing the region. Our support builds local knowledge to inform policies and strategies related to climate change, hunger, and public health.
From fighting malaria and other infectious diseases to improving food security and stimulating livelihoods, IDRC’s assistance is yielding results. Our grantees also examine women’s access to technology. They’re finding ways for government and health providers to use low-cost technologies to provide services to the public.
And there’s much more. You can search their past and present projects by program and by theme.

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Ecohealth Chair on Urban Air Pollution and Non-Communicable Respiratory Diseases (West Africa)

Ecohealth Chair on Human and Animal Health in Protected Ecosystems of Central and Eastern Africa

This project will help establish an Ecohealth Chair in Human and Animal Health in Protected Ecosystems to improve the sustainability of conservation areas and the health of local communities, livestock, and wildlife in Central and East Africa. …

Promoting Locally Fortified Sunflower Oil Using E-Vouchers

Tanzania, along with most African countries, has been struggling to address persistent nutritional challenges, including vitamin A and iron deficiencies. This project proposes to implement emerging technologies to improve the vitamin A status of …

Improving Child Nutrition in Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia to Prevent Non-Communicable Diseases

Researchers have identified changes in nutrition in Africa as one of the main causes of the rising epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This research project will assess the food consumption patterns and nutrition status of children to set …

Women in Francophonie: Peacemakers and Actors of Development Symposium

The issue of women's participation in and their contribution to the process of building inclusive, prosperous, and stable societies is widely recognized in the legal and institutional arsenal of most countries and also at regional and international …

Communicating Climate Adaptation Research for Influence and Impact in Africa

For research to have an impact, it must be shared. This research project will allow Climate Change and Water (CCW) program grantees in Africa to articulate their research results, knowledge, and lessons learned.

Communicating …

Catalyzing Open and Collaborative Science to Address Global Development Challenges

Climate change, environmental degradation, emerging infectious diseases, inadequate access to clean drinking water, and food insecurity affect all parts of the world. However, their impacts on developing economies are highly disproportionate with …

Adaptation to Increase Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopian Agriculture

Ethiopia's agriculture sector contributes 42 to 45% of its gross domestic product and employs more than 80% of the population. However, the sector remains fragile and vulnerable to climate change. This project will provide knowledge to help …

Think Tank Initiative Learning Events on Research Quality and Relationship Between Think Tanks and Universities

Strengthening research capacity is important for think tanks the world over to ensure that they engage in policy debates through a sustained supply of high quality data and analysis. This funding will allow the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) to hold a …

The East African Dialogue Series

This project will provide funds to support the East Africa Dialogue Series. Its aim is to nurture a regional community of next-generation thought leaders, to provoke novel thinking, and to inspire government, development partners, business leaders, …

IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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