Projects designed to confront development challenges
IDRC-funded researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa conduct projects that provide important insights into the complex issues facing the region. Our support builds local knowledge to inform policies and strategies related to climate change, hunger, and public health.
From fighting malaria and other infectious diseases to improving food security and stimulating livelihoods, IDRC’s assistance is yielding results. Our grantees also examine women’s access to technology. They’re finding ways for government and health providers to use low-cost technologies to provide services to the public.
And there’s much more. You can search their past and present projects by program and by theme.

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Catalyzing Broadband Internet in Africa

This project aims to inform policies that help marginalized groups in Africa, such as women and the poor, to take advantage of the social and economic opportunities of broadband Internet.

Why internet access matters

Internet …

Ecohealth Chair on Urban Air Pollution and Non-Communicable Respiratory Diseases (West Africa)

Urban air pollution, indoors and outdoors, is a major worldwide health and environmental problem, particularly in Africa, where it is associated with economic activity, transportation, and the use of biomass for cooking. This problem is exacerbated …

Assessing the Impact of Cash Transfer Programs on Women's Empowerment in Tanzania

This project will examine how Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) can help poor women overcome economic vulnerabilities, and assess their potential to transform gender relations at home and in the community in Tanzania.

Supporting women, …

Emerging Powers and Effective Governance in Fragile States

New and emerging development organizations are providing assistance to countries experiencing tensions and challenges after periods of conflict. This research will test whether their development assistance approaches are more effective at addressing …

The 23rd African Human Rights Moot Court Competition and Intergovernmental Law Conference on Human Rights

This project will help promote human rights in Africa by building knowledge and stimulating networking among law students, academics, faculties, universities, and experts. Activities include the 23rd edition of the Moot Court Competition in Nairobi …

Research to Feed Africa: High-Level Policy Dialogue (CIFSRF)

This project will provide funds for a high-level policy dialogue on applied agriculture and nutrition research at the African Green Revolution Forum. The September 2014 forum is being organized by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) …

Communication for Policy Research South: Fostering Policy Leaders for Improved Evidence-based Policy in the Global South

This project will help develop a new wave of local network economy policy leaders across Asia and Africa. The network economy refers to the information society's emerging economic order, which is based on products and services created and accessed …

Ecohealth Chair on Human and Animal Health in Protected Ecosystems of Central and Eastern Africa

This project will help establish an Ecohealth Chair in Human and Animal Health in Protected Ecosystems to improve the sustainability of conservation areas and the health of local communities, livestock, and wildlife in Central and East Africa. …

The Institutional Canopy of Conservation

This project aims to conserve East Africa's rich biodiversity by strengthening local livelihoods through community-based conservation programs. Initiatives such as improved access rights to natural resources, income diversification, and green …

Networks for Change and Well-being: "From the Ground Up" Policy-making to Address Sexual Violence against Girls

Incidents of sexual violence against girls and young women are finally receiving global media coverage. Media reportss and public condemnation have broken the silence on this troubling social issue, but awareness is not enough. This project will …

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