Projects designed to confront development challenges
IDRC-funded researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa conduct projects that provide important insights into the complex issues facing the region. Our support builds local knowledge to inform policies and strategies related to climate change, hunger, and public health.
From fighting malaria and other infectious diseases to improving food security and stimulating livelihoods, IDRC’s assistance is yielding results. Our grantees also examine women’s access to technology. They’re finding ways for government and health providers to use low-cost technologies to provide services to the public.
And there’s much more. You can search their past and present projects by program and by theme.

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Hybrid Security Arrangements in Africa: Exploring the Implications for State-building

In the aftermath of war and conflict, state security forces and institutions are often severely weakened or decimated. When this happens, multiple state and non-state security actors and governance structures emerge to fill security vacuums. The …

Interrogating Large-Scale Land Acquisitions and Their Implications for Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Despite their critical role in promoting food security on the African continent, women continue to be marginalized in the distribution and allocation of land. The implications for both family survival and national food security are far-reaching. …

The African Climate Change Fellowship Program Phase III

Climate change and climate variability are significantly impeding development in Africa. The Economic Commission for Africa argues that scientists and policymakers must learn to better manage climate risks and to integrate climate change …

Situation Analysis of Alcohol Control Policy in Five African Countries

Alcohol use is a major risk factor for premature deaths and disabilities in low and middle-income countries. This research will evaluate alcohol control policy and legislation in five African countries to provide evidence-based research to …

Addressing Youth Employment Through Micro- and Small-Enterprise Development in Ethiopia

Youth unemployment has emerged as a key challenge facing developing and developed countries, including Ethiopia. What policies and programs promote youth employment, and what role can the private sector play? This project aims to provide solid …

Counting Women's Work: The Gendered Economy in the Market and at Home

Women have made strong gains in economic and political arenas but they continue to lag behind men. While women do similar work, they are usually paid less. Schooling or experience alone cannot account for the wage differences. Women also lack …

Reducing HIV Risk in Botswana: A National Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Young women in Botswana bear the brunt of new HIV infections. This project aims to reduce the number of new HIV cases, particularly among women aged 15 to 29.

While HIV/AIDS has affected most regions in the world, sub-Saharan Africa has …

Using Community Land Rights to Build Local Governance and Reduce Land Conflicts

In the past five years, commercial interest and investments in agricultural land have intensified in quantity, speed, and size over the past five years, with demand for land in Africa particularly high. Yet, while the supply of fertile land …

African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowships Program

While there have been improvements in several aspects of African higher education, the local production of quality doctoral degrees continues to progress slowly. This project will help improve the quantity and quality of emerging health systems …

Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa Conference

This project will provide funding to the International Conference on Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa (YESSA), which will bring together national, regional, and multilateral policymakers, African researchers, and think tanks to address youth …

IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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