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Latin America and the Caribbean
Practical solutions to enduring problems

Located in Montevideo, Uruguay, IDRC’s regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean coordinates our activities in 33 countries.

Our programming reflects the diverse needs of Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, and South America. Three core goals underlie our work in the region:
  • upholding democracy, human rights, and accountable government
  • reducing vulnerability to disease, natural disasters, and degrading natural resources
  • increasing opportunities for equitable economic growth and access to social safety nets and services
A number of countries in the Americas are emerging from prolonged internal conflict or civil war. IDRC’s support in the region recognizes that research is needed to expand the range of practical solutions to enduring problems, to encourage innovation, and to promote long-term growth in the region.

Latest Project

Youth employment to reduce violence in Central America

According to 2014 statistics, four out of the 10 countries with the highest homicide rates in the world are in Central America. The vast majority of victims of violence are young men between the ages of 15 and 24, some of whom also risk becoming …

Latest Result

Special Issue of Policy in Focus features IDRC supported projects

​Despite significant development gains in recent decades, developing countries still face considerable challenges in the fight against poverty. Cash transfer programs have emerged as a relevant tool for poverty reduction. However, critics have...


IDRC grantee to advise Chile on citizen participation in Constitutional changes


​The Government of Chile has invited IDRC grantee Rodrigo Araya to design and support the implementation of a participatory process that will ensure citizens’ voices are included as the country drafts a new constitution. This new charter will...

Call for proposals: SCALA Knowledge Observatory in Latin America


IDRC is joining forces with the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank and Citi Foundation in a call for proposals to select an institution that will implement the SCALA Knowledge Observatory. The Observatory will be a...


Conference in Santiago to focus on making Latin American cities safer, more inclusive


Over three days (January 11-13, 2016) experts on urban violence and exclusion will gather in Santiago, Chile, to share lessons and identify solutions on how to make Latin American cities safer and more inclusive. The “Safe and Inclusive Cities in...

Highlight: Researchers share findings on making Latin American cities safer


Latin American researchers supported by IDRC's Safe and Inclusive Cities (SAIC) initiative were hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars and American University's Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at a May 2015 event in Washington...

Lasting impacts:
Latin America and the Caribbean

Here are a few examples that show how IDRC-supported research in Latin America and the Caribbean has improved lives

Guyanese fishers
Since the early 1970s, IDRC has supported the efforts of researchers in the English-speaking Caribbean to reduce poverty and inequality, restore degraded coastal ecosystems, and protect communities against disease and natural disasters.

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Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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