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Latin America and the Caribbean
Practical solutions to enduring problems

Located in Montevideo, Uruguay, IDRC’s regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean coordinates our activities in 33 countries.

Our programming reflects the diverse needs of Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, and South America. Three core goals underlie our work in the region:
  • upholding democracy, human rights, and accountable government
  • reducing vulnerability to disease, natural disasters, and degrading natural resources
  • increasing opportunities for equitable economic growth and access to social safety nets and services
A number of countries in the Americas are emerging from prolonged internal conflict or civil war. IDRC’s support in the region recognizes that research is needed to expand the range of practical solutions to enduring problems, to encourage innovation, and to promote long-term growth in the region.

Latest Project

Scaling up Intermittent Rice Irrigation for Malaria Control on the North Coast of Peru

New research aims to help control malaria in one watershed in northern Peru.

Malaria is widespread in Peru's arid North Coast because of the extensive irrigation required to support rice paddies. Rice growing in the region accounts for …

Latest Result

Research explores links between social protection and poverty reduction in Latin America

IDRC-supported economists Leonardo Gasparini and Guillermo Cruces are investigating Latin American inequality at Universidad Nacional de La Plata's Centre for Distributive, Labor, and Social Studies (CEDLAS). Their research is contributing to the...


New initiative addresses vector-borne diseases in Venezuela


A new component of the Ecosalud program has been launched in Venezuela to develop locally-based strategies for control of vector-borne diseases. Ecosalud Venezuela is part of an IDRC-supported program, Ecohealth Field Building Leadership in...

New climate modeling tools help researchers in Latin America


Students and researchers from Guatemala and Dominican Republic recently participated in an innovative workshop on water and climate modeling. The workshop, part of an IDRC-funded project on water security and climate change in Central America and...


IDRC at the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellín, Colombia


IDRC and partners from four countries will host a Networking Event as part of the official program of UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum 7 in Medellín, Colombia, April 5-11, 2014. The event focuses on how to create safer cities, one of six subthemes...

Highlight: Debating the complexities of health reforms in Latin America


Health researchers and policymakers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico met in Bogotá in November 2013 to share their experiences of health system reform. IDRC and the Health Ministry of Colombia hosted...

Lasting impacts:
Latin America and the Caribbean

Here are a few examples that show how IDRC-supported research in Latin America and the Caribbean has improved lives. 

Download the PDF in English (1.57 Mb) and Spanish (1.58 Mb)

Guyanese fishers
Since the early 1970s, IDRC has supported the efforts of researchers in the English-speaking Caribbean to reduce poverty and inequality, restore degraded coastal ecosystems, and protect communities against disease and natural disasters.

To learn more download the PDF (552Kb)

IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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