Quality and Use of Rolling Project Completion Reports

In 2005, IDRC adopted the rolling Project Completion Report (rPCR), creating a cross-organization interactive process to elicit staff reflection, deepen learning about projects, and  fulfill an accountability function for the organization. Five years after its implementation, we commissioned an assessment of the rPCR process and its resulting reports. We also analyzed how staff use the system to inform learning throughout the organization. The primary purpose of the review is to identify ways for the Centre to improve the quality of the rPCR system, including process, reports, and use.

A Review of the Use and Quality of IDRC’s Rolling Project Completion Report Process (PDF, 1MB)​


Examen de l'utilisation et de la qualité du système de production de rapports de fin de projet dynamiques du CRDI

Review of the use and quality of IDRC's rolling project completion report process

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