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Non-Communicable Disease Prevention
Evidence for prevention. Policies with impact.

Rapidly increasing rates of non-communicable disease in low- and middle-income countries are almost entirely preventable. The costs borne by poor communities and under-resourced health services can be avoided with low-cost solutions that make healthy living more accessible and affordable.

Local evidence is needed, however, to support policies that reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption, promote healthy eating, and encourage active living. Evidence for prevention will help to advance these policies, which are often challenged by opposing commercial interests.

Since 1994, IDRC’s Research for International Tobacco Control program has helped to address tobacco use and production as a development issue. Building on this, the Non-Communicable Disease Prevention program continues to generate new knowledge around tobacco control and other disease prevention measures that can improve lives in low- and middle-income countries.

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Latest Results

For the tobacco industry, West Africa is a lucrative market. Although detrimental to health, tobacco consumption is on the rise, particularly among young people. Stringent tax policies on tobacco products are a proven strategy to counter tobacco use...
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Latest Results

In 2008, IDRC partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the African Tobacco Situational Analyses (ATSA), an initiative to understand the critical determinants for tobacco control in sub-Saharan Africa. The goals: weigh opportunities...
Push for higher tobacco taxes in West Africa African Tobacco Situation Analysis (ATSA)Tobacco in Africa Video Series

Latest Results

Africa, a new frontier for tobacco companies, is witnessing a smoking epidemic. These short videos provide an introduction to tobacco use in Africa, some of the successes in addressing the devastating effects of tobacco use, and the challenges to...
Push for higher tobacco taxes in West AfricaAfrican Tobacco Situation Analysis (ATSA) Tobacco in Africa Video Series
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