Who we are
The Global Health Research Initiative is a partnership of three Canadian government agencies. The partners are:
What we do
GHRI is part of Canada’s contribution to addressing the world’s most pressing health problems. Our grantees tackle global health priorities, such as maternal and infant health, infectious diseases, and health systems.

Our goal is to strengthen research capacity in developing countries to tackle global health challenges. In doing so we promote collaboration and shared learning across disciplines and sectors between low- and middle-income countries and Canada.

GHRI engages in three complementary activities: 
  • We fund individual researchers and research teams investigating a variety of issues that affect health. We support researchers in Canada and in low- and middle-income countries. Several of the teams include low- and middle-income country decision-makers who develop and implement policies, programs, and strategies to improve health in their countries. 

  • We support activities to strengthen and expand the capacity of low- and middle-income country researchers and decision-makers to carry out and use research.

  • We support a variety of activities involving researchers, decision-makers, communities, and other stakeholders that encourage the use of health research results. These activities also show the beneficial role research can play in improving people’s health, strengthening health systems, and reducing persistent health inequities within and between countries.
Our focus
We fund research in four main areas:
  • prevention and control of pandemics and emerging infectious diseases
  • prevention and management of chronic diseases
  • health policies and systems
  • interactions between health, the environment, and development
This research helps:
  • find cost-effective ways to address critical health issues, such as neglected diseases, women’s health, and emerging health threats
  • develop an action-oriented, coordinated approach to strengthening health systems and policies
  • build research capacity so researchers in low- and middle-income countries can continue to find practical solutions to pressing local challenges
  • encourage the use of health research findings in policy and practice
  • develop links with donor partners to stimulate global health research investment in developing countries
  • include Canadians in collaborative research networks and across multiple disciplines
  • foster collaboration on global health issues that affect both Canada and the developing world

Please note the following change within IDRC’s Global Health Policy program

The Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI) is now integrated into the Governance for Equity in Health Systems (GEHS) program.

The GEHS program strives to strengthen equitable health systems in low- and middle-income countries and contribute to better health for all. GEHS is particularly committed to research that addresses the root causes of health inequities, especially in primary health care, and the interplay between access, and supply and demand for health services. We support research that seeks to address the challenges of power relations and decision-making to ensure that resources reach the most vulnerable.

Explore the GEHS website to learn about the research we support.

Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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