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Fellowships and Awards
Deepening development expertise
IDRC’s Fellowships and Awards program supports Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries to acquire more practical and research-oriented knowledge.
From graduate students conducting applied research with African farmers to scholars studying environmental issues facing the urban poor, IDRC funding is helping to create a generation of researchers in Canada and in developing countries with enhanced skills, deeper knowledge, a broader world view, and greater experience.


Latest Result

Boosting Capacity for Health Research in Africa

Africa's progress is linked to its capacity to generate, adapt, and use scientific knowledge to meet regional health and development needs. But Africa's institutions of higher learning that are mandated to foster this capacity in fact lack adequate...


Tracer study of IDRC award recipients seeks your collaboration


Did you receive an IDRC fellowship or award between 1995 and 2005? We would like to hear from you! ​ The Fellowships and Awards program (formerly known as Centre Training and Awards Program) of Canada's International Development Research Centre is...

IDRC congratulates recent award winners


Thomas Fox was awarded the 2013 John G. Bene Fellowship. Fox, a master’s of science student at McGill University, will combine field work and analysis of satellite imagery to develop a better understanding of agricultural land use practices in...

Featured Publication

Africa’s counting house

Africa’s counting house

A woman from Madagascar beams when she talks about the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the thrill of being with students from across the continent: “Everybody speaks science. It’s very exciting. … It’s like a library with people...

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of international development awards

Insider's View on Research Awards

Read what a group of former Research Award recipients have to say about their experiences at IDRC.

Amanda Jones with a group
IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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