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Donor Partnerships
Partnering for development
To create healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies, strong partnerships with other donor organizations are essential. IDRC’s Donor Partnerships Division helps develop relationships with research funders and international organizations.
Our partner relationships are critical to building knowledge and local capacity to conduct research and innovate in developing countries around the world. We work closely with funders and donors, in collaboration with our program areas.
Our mandate is to:
  • initiate, build, and help maintain long-term relationships with donors
  • help develop proposals, and negotiate agreements and financing
  • strengthen our grantees’ financial sustainability by enhancing their ability to form
  • partnerships and mobilize resources

Latest Project

Strengthening Communication in Donor Partnerships

Communication is essential to a healthy partnership and can play a pivotal role in the overall effectiveness of a joint initiative. In 2008, IDRC's Donor Partnerships Division (DPD) conducted case study research on eight factors that influence …

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Emerging economies a new force in international giving

Emerging economies a new force in international giving

Emerging economies’ increasing engagement in overseas philanthropy, private investment, and government aid is transforming the landscape of international giving, a groundbreaking study reports.   The 2013 Index of Global Philanthropy and...


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