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Climate Change and Water
Managing the impact of climate change on water

Climate change is having a profound effect on the environment, especially on the quality and availability of water resources. The consequences are significant. Water-related natural disasters, such as flooding, drought, and landslides, are more frequent and more severe. Rising temperatures, causing increased evaporation and glacial melt, are reducing the reliability and quality of water supplies.

IDRC’s Climate Change and Water program aims to help the world’s most vulnerable people adapt to the water-related impacts of climate change. The goal: to support research that improves climate change adaptation efforts, at the policy level and in practice.

Read the About and Approach pages for more information about our program. You can also download our program overview in English, French, or Spanish.

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Latest Project

Evaluating the Links Between Access to Electricity and Livelihoods in Peru's Remote Rural Regions

This project will support the development of a research proposal on the linkages between access to electricity and livelihoods in Peru's remote rural regions. This research is timely. Peru has the second largest population living off-the-grid in the …

Latest Result

Building climate leaders in Africa

​IDRC is supporting a third phase of the African Climate Change Fellowship program (ACCFP) that seeks to advance scientific knowledge to inform climate adaptation planning and policy in Africa. This aligns with IDRC's strategic objective to build...


Climate change project wins prestigious UN award


An IDRC-funded project in Uganda has won a UN Momentum for Change award, one of 16 "game-changing climate action initiatives from around the world" to be honoured at the Paris climate conference in December 2015. The Climate Change...

IDRC grantee among winners of South Africa’s 2015 Women in Science Awards


​Gina Ziervogel, an IDRC grantee and lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s department of environmental and geographic science, has won a life science award from South Africa. Ziervogel was among four women recognized by South Africa for their...


Highlight: Knowledge-sharing meeting examines sustainability issues in Punjab


The Centers for International Projects Trust (CIPT) organized a knowledge-sharing meeting on September 30, 2015 to highlight the major findings of the IDRC-supported project "Improving food and livelihood security in Punjab through...

Highlight: Scientists respond to climate change challenges at Our Common Future conference


More than 2,200 leading scientists and researchers assembled at the “Our Common Future under Climate Change” scientific conference in Paris, France, in July. The conference aimed to address key climate-related issues ahead of the 21st United Nations...

Featured Publication

Protecting livelihoods, boosting food security in Kenya

Protecting livelihoods, boosting food security in Kenya

​Climate change impacts are strongly evident in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands, which cover 82% of the country’s total land area and host close to 70% of its livestock. Over the last 10 years, persistent drought, high temperature, and depletion of...

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