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President of Micronutrient Initiative named to Order of Canada


IDRC congratulates Venkatesh Mannar, president of the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), for being named an Officer of the Order of Canada. Mannar was honoured in December 2012 for his almost 40 years of leadership in the global fight against malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency.
A non-profit agency, MI was established at IDRC in 1992 to ensure the world’s most vulnerable people get the vitamins and minerals they need to survive — and thrive. Headquartered in Ottawa, with offices in Africa and Asia, MI estimates it has distributed more than five billion doses of vitamin A since 1997.
Watch a slideshow to hear Venkatesh Mannar describe how MI delivered solutions for hidden hunger using iodized salt. This slideshow is part of IDRC’s Lasting Impacts issue on public health.
Listen to Venkatesh Mannar recount more on his experience with the IDRC-supported project to decrease iodine deficiency in developing countries.

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