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IDRC Budget 2012 Announcement: Update


Changes to IDRC Regional and Head Offices

Further to the message of April 2, 2012, IDRC’s Singapore regional office closed on July 31 and the Dakar office will close on November 30, respectively. These closures are in response to reductions to IDRC’s operating budget, announced in Budget 2012 as part of the Government of Canada’s review to find ongoing operational savings. In addition, the Innovation for Inclusive Development program has been closed and as IDRC continues to reduce administrative costs relative to programming, a number of positions have been affected at IDRC’s head office.

At the end of this process, IDRC will have four regional offices ─ Cairo, Montevideo, Nairobi, and New Delhi ─ as well as its head office in Ottawa. The activities of IDRC’s Singapore office will be consolidated into its New Delhi office; those of Senegal will be consolidated into the Centre’s Nairobi office. The regional offices in New Delhi and Nairobi will carry out IDRC’s activities in the Asian and sub-Saharan Africa regions, respectively. Nairobi will offer services in both English and French to continue to support grantees in francophone sub-Saharan Africa. 
In making these decisions, IDRC has sought to maintain its alignment with the Government of Canada’s international development priorities, and to preserve IDRC’s programming commitments and priorities, as well as its business model to the extent possible, both globally and in the regions. The Centre remains committed to supporting research that leads to practical solutions to the problems faced by developing countries and, despite the closure of its Singapore and Dakar offices, will continue to fund activities for the economic and social development of the Southeast Asian and West African regions.
IDRC wishes to recognize and thank affected colleagues at head office as well as from the Singapore and Dakar offices for their tremendous contributions over many years. We look forward to continuing to work with those who will join our New Delhi and Nairobi offices. And for those leaving IDRC, we wish them every success in their future endeavours.


IDRC is committed to honouring its existing external partnerships. In light of this, IDRC programs that are co-funded with other organizations will not be affected significantly by any of the changes described above.

Individual Grant Recipients
All current grants, including those in the programs and regions most affected by these changes, will be maintained.  Grantees that have been affected by administrative changes have been contacted separately.

Summary of Expense Reductions to Accommodate Budget 2012 Appropriation Reduction (PDF) 

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