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#Food Security: IDRC @ IFSD
Research that feeds the world

Research on small-scale agriculture is one of the best ways to reduce poverty and improve food security for vulnerable populations. Here’s how Canada’s International Development Research Centre is helping to increase access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food in the developing world.

Sharing successes
From April 29 – May 2, IDRC-funded researchers at the International Food Security Dialogue (IFSD) are sharing the results of their work with Canadian colleagues. The Dialogue hosted by the University of Alberta, addresses how these innovations can reach more farm families worldwide.

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An ambitious contribution to world food security
Among the Dialogue participants are 19 Canadian and developing-country research teams. Funded by the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF), these researchers have worked with developing-country farmers to create, test, and share practical ways to increase food security.  

Proven results
Emerging CIFSRF innovations are cost effective, socially acceptable, and safe for the environment. They include new livestock vaccines, methods to produce better sheep and goat feed, approaches to revive under used crops, and more.
Involving key players
Women play a crucial role in agriculture and food security.  Recent IDRC-supported research has highlighted their role in livestock rearing and better, higher-protein diets for their families.

Read about early results

Read a series of briefs on women, livestock ownership, and markets in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Lasting impacts

Food security and better nutrition have been IDRC priorities since 1970.

Examples of innovations that have passed the test of time


See how food security research is making a difference in people’s lives


The Custodians of Biodiversity: Sharing Access to and Benefits of Genetic Resources

Learn about protecting the rights of farmers, herders, and fishers in local communities as custodians of biodiversity.

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Books related to food security

Markets and Rural Poverty: Upgrading in Value Chains

Explore how marginal producers can enter markets and reduce poverty.

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Growing Better Cities: Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Development

Read more about IDRC’s support to urban agriculture in this title in our in_focus series.

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#Food Security: IDRC @ IFSD
Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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