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Highlight: Virtual platforms offer new ways to manage, share knowledge for researchers and civil society

07/02/2012, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Global

How can virtual platforms (VPs) better support researchers and civil society organizations in their research, policy development, project collaboration, capacity building, and dissemination activities? This was the theme of a Learning Forum hosted by IDRC’s Canadian Partnerships program.
IDRC brought together 25 participants from Canadian universities, development organizations, and research institutes to participate in the forum held in Winnipeg in February 2012. The event provided an innovative mix of active learning, dialogue, and discussion generated by reflection papers prepared by a number of the participants. Michael Furdyk, of TakingITGlobal facilitated a workshop at the forum and delivered a public keynote address.
VPs are online tools and systems that facilitate knowledge sharing, management, and collaboration among geographically dispersed actors. They connect far-flung staff, partners, participants, and supporters as they document and make sense of collective learning to enhance real-world, “off-line results.”
As more people in the South access the Internet via mobile phones, the potential to reach new audiences and to support collaboration between local, national, and international actors is exciting. But it is also potentially overwhelming for those starting up and using these platforms.
Watch a four-minute audio slideshow that provides an overview of the event and its key lessons.

Read more in the final Report on the IDRC 2012 Canadian Learning Forum: Virtual Platforms, Knowledge Management and International Development

 Michael Furdyk's keynote address.
Read the seven Participant Reflection Papers presented during the forum (available in English only).

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