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Highlight: Evaluation in the Networked Society – IDRC presents research

03/10/2012, Helsinki, Finland, Global

IDRC staff members Colleen Duggan, Amy Etherington, and Heidi Monk and IDRC-supported researchers presented emerging evaluation research findings at the 10th Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society, held on October 3-5 in Helsinki, Finland. Headlined as “Evaluation in the Networked Society," the conference featured keynote speakers Robert Stake, Tarja Cronberg, and Robert Kirkpatrick. More than 300 evaluators and practitioners from around the world attended.
IDRC's Evaluation Unit supported four panels on evaluating research excellence, ethical practice in international development evaluation, and feminist evaluation. Among the topics discussed were:
  • the challenges of defining excellence in research and evaluating research impacts
  • the use of feminist methods and practice to engender policy
  • experiences in working with evaluators and commissioners to uphold ethics standards and “do no harm” in evaluation practice.
For more information, please contact Amy Etherington ( or Colleen Duggan (

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