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April 2, 2014 competition

ACEVEDO GUERRERO, Tatiana (Ms), Water, Arroyos and Blackouts:  Exploring Political Ecologies of Water in Barranquilla (Colombia), University of Montreal, PhD in Geography

ADEDZI, Kodzo Awoenam (Mr), Culture et santé infantile au Togo : facteurs de risque et de protection, Laval University, PhD in Anthropology

AIJAZI, Omer (Mr), Precarious Lives, Disrupted Bodies: Examining Social Repair and Disaster in Northern Pakistan, University of British Columbia, PhD in Disaster Studies

BERSAGLIO, Brock (Mr), Examining the Politics of Biodiversity Conservation in Laikipia County, Kenya: Safari Lodges, the Environment, and Social Equity, University of Toronto, PhD in Geography

BHATTARAI, Kiran Kumari (Ms), Contested Modes of Water Governance: Livelihood Impacts of Rural Environmental Stewardship for Urban Water Supply in Nepal, University of Guelph, PhD in Rural Studies

BODRUZIC, Dragana (Ms), Corporate Social Responsibility, the State, and Welfare Provision: A Comparative Study of Brazil and India, University of Toronto, PhD in Political Science

CANDIZ, Guillermo Osvaldo (Mr), Espaces de transit et trajectoires migratoires : Une comparaison du Mexique et du Maroc, Laval University, PhD in Geography

CARRASQUILLA, Mauricio (Mr), The Effects of Mangrove Forests on the Artisanal Fisheries of Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombian Caribbean, University of Victoria, PhD in Biology

DEUBOUE TCHIALEU, Rodrigue (Mr), Health Systems Readiness to Control the Hypertension Epidemic in Developing Countries: Investigations in South Africa, University of Ottawa, PhD in Population Health

DOGRU, Havva Ezgi (Ms), The ‘Benevolent Hand’ of the Turkish State: Exploring Authoritative Policies of Turkish Mass Housing Administration (TOKI) and Local Resistance, a Case Study of Basibuyuk, Istanbul (Turkey), York University, PhD in Political Science

D'SOUZA, Nicole Anne (Ms), “We likkle, but we tallawah” (We are small, but we are strong): Towards a Socioecological Construction of Child Wellbeing and Resilience in Kingston, Jamaica, McGill University, PhD in Social & Transcultural Psychiatry

EDMONDS, Kevin (Mr), Trade Liberalization and Farmers’ Coping Strategies in the Eastern Caribbean (St. Lucia & St. Vincent), University of Toronto, PhD in Political Science

EIDSE, Noelani (Ms), Bargaining with the State: Street Vending, Urban Resistance and the Daily Politics of Everyday Life and Survival in Hanoi, Vietnam, McGill University, PhD in Geography

GITHAIGA, Nyambura (Ms), Building Peace that Lasts: A Study of State-led Peacebuilding in Kenya, University of Ottawa, PhD in Political Science

HO, Carmen (Ms), The Role of Governance Factors in Scaling up Maternal and Child Nutrition Interventions (Asia), University of Toronto, PhD in Political Science

KARAKOCHUK, Crystal (Ms), Is Iron Deficiency the Cause of Anemia in Cambodian Women of Reproductive Age?  A Randomized Control Trial of Oral Iron Supplementation, University of British Columbia, PhD in Human Nutrition

KOSE, Burak (Mr), Producing Exclusionary Publicness in the Urban Space: An Ethnographic Study of Road Infrastructures in Istanbul, Turkey, York University, PhD in Urban Sociology

LAMPTEY, De-Lawrence (Mr), Access to Healthcare for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Ghana: Challenges and Strategies for Improvements, Queen's University, PhD in Rehabilitation Science

MALARD, Julien (Mr), Participatory Use of System Dynamics Modelling for Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development in Indigenous Guatemalan Communities, McGill University, PhD in Bioresource Engineering

MELLET, Domitille (Ms), Le chaînon manquant au Maroc: l'importance d'une finance adaptée aux besoins des PME, University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development (DECLINED)

MONIRUZZAMAN, Mohammad (Mr), Debt Financed Migration to Consumption Smoothing: Tracing the Link between Migration and Food Security - Evidence from Bangladesh, Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD in Development Geography

MURPHY, Sophia Mary Elizabeth (Ms), Food Security’s Fourth Pillar: Trade and Food Reserves in the Search for Stability (Senegal), University of British Columbia, PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies (DECLINED)

ORTIZ LOAIZA, Anisia Paola (Ms), Taxes and Statebuilding: A Case Study: Guatemala, Weak by Design? University of Ottawa, PhD in International Development

OUANGRÉ, Zoé Aubierge (Ms), Le comportement dans la recherche d’information chez les étudiants universitaires du 3e cycle en médecine: cas du Burkina Faso, University of Montreal, PhD in Information Sciences

OUÉDRAOGO, Wendyam Ahmed (Mr), Logiques et pratiques dans les associations et organisations féminines engagées dans les opérations de développement dans le plateau central au Burkina Faso, University of Ottawa, PhD in Social Service.

PERALTA, Laly Catalina (Ms), Truth as a Remedy (Colombia), Concordia University, PhD in Humanities

PLOWRIGHT, William (Mr), Armed Non-State Actors and the Demobilization of Child Soldiers: The Pursuit of Legitimacy in Intra-state Conflict (Colombia & Congo), University of British Columbia, PhD in Political Science (DECLINED)

SCHWAB CARTAS, Joshua (Mr), Living our Language: Zapotec Elders and Youth Fostering Intergenerational Dialogue through Cellphone Videos (Mexico), McGill University, PhD in Education

SOMA, Tammara (Ms), Planning from "Table to Dump": Analyzing Household Food Consumption and Food Waste in Urban Indonesia, University of Toronto, PhD in Urban Planning

TURCOTTE-TREMBLAY, Anne-Marie (Ms), L'implantation du financement basé sur les résultats combiné avec des interventions de protection sociale au Burkina Faso, University of Montreal, PhD in Public Health

VAIDYANATHAN, Tanvi (Ms), Effectiveness of Bans in the Conservation of Marine Species (India), University of British Columbia, PhD in Fisheries

WANG, Yongjie (Ms), Women’s Migration, Return and Employment: Opportunities and Constraints for Women in Rural China, University of Alberta, PhD in Political Science

October 2, 2013 competition

ALLAM, Nermin (Ms), Whose Rights? Understanding Women's Engagement in the Egyptian January 25th Uprising, University of Alberta, PhD in Comparative Politics and International Relations

ANGEL CABO, Natalia (Ms), Socio-Economic Rights and the Effects of Dialogical Justice: Lessons from Colombia, York University, PhD in Law (Socio-legal studies)

ATAULLAHJAN, Anushka (Ms), Family Planning in Pakistan: Unravelling the complexities, University of Alberta, PhD in Public Health

BHATT, Babita (Ms), How do Social Enterprises Build Inclusive Social Capital? An Exploratory Study (India), Carleton University, PhD in International Affairs

CHU, Thuan Ngoc (Mr), Modelling Patterns and Drivers of Post-Fire Forest Regeneration through a Remote Sensing Approach (Mongolia), University of Saskatchewan, PhD in Geography

FUNK, Carla (Ms), Recipient Perspectives on Private Aid in Tanzania, Royal Roads University, PhD in Non Profit Management

MacIVER (MUST), Erin (Ms), Women and Cattle in Botswana: Access, Identity, and Empowerment, University of Guelph, PhD in Geography and International Development

MEDA, Ivlabehire Bertrand (Mr), Les effets de la subvention nationale et de l'exemption de paiement des accouchements sur la fréquentation des formations sanitaires au Burkina Faso, Université de Montréal, PhD in Public Health

MELCHIORRE, Jonathan Luke (Mr), State Makes Youth: Youth Identity, Political Mobilization and the State in Kenya and Tanzania, University of Toronto, PhD in Comparative Politics

MURPHY, Gillian (Jill) (Ms), Barriers and Facilitators to the Integration of Mental Health Services in Primary Care in Vietnam: The Perspective of Health Workers, Simon Fraser University, PhD in Global Mental Health

NERENBERG, Jacob (Mr), Carrying On: Markets, Marginality, and Everyday Aspirations in Eastern Indonesia, University of Toronto, PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology

OKCUOGLU, Dilan (Ms), Strategies and Challenges of Minority Accommodation in Turkey's Borderlands (1990-2004 and 2004-present), Queen's University, PhD in Comparative Politics and Political Theory

RAEBURN, Kaywana Hansella Veronica (Ms), Agricultural Technology Adoption in Guyana: An Experimental Economics Approach, McGill University, PhD in Economics

SHEIKHELDIN, Gussai (Mr), Technological Development and Social Enterprises in Africa (Tanzania), University of Guelph, PhD in Rural Studies

ZAVALETA, Claudia (Carol) (Ms), Climate Change, Food Security and Nutrition among Amazonian Indigenous Peoples in Peru, McGill University, PhD in Health Geography

ZOMBRÉ, David (Mr), Les inégalités sociales et spatiales de santé et d'accès aux soins au Burkina Faso, Université de Montréal, PhD in Public Health
IDRA award recipients
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