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October 2, 2013 competition

ALLAM, Nermin (Ms), Whose Rights? Understanding Women's Engagement in the Egyptian January 25th Uprising, University of Alberta, PhD in Comparative Politics and International Relations

ANGEL CABO, Natalia (Ms), Socio-Economic Rights and the Effects of Dialogical Justice: Lessons from Colombia, York University, PhD in Law (Socio-legal studies)

ATAULLAHJAN, Anushka (Ms), Family Planning in Pakistan: Unravelling the complexities, University of Alberta, PhD in Public Health

BHATT, Babita (Ms), How do Social Enterprises Build Inclusive Social Capital? An Exploratory Study (India), Carleton University, PhD in International Affairs

CHU, Thuan Ngoc (Mr), Modelling Patterns and Drivers of Post-Fire Forest Regeneration through a Remote Sensing Approach (Mongolia), University of Saskatchewan, PhD in Geography

FUNK, Carla (Ms), Recipient Perspectives on Private Aid in Tanzania, Royal Roads University, PhD in Non Profit Management

MacIVER (MUST), Erin (Ms), Women and Cattle in Botswana: Access, Identity, and Empowerment, University of Guelph, PhD in Geography and International Development

MEDA, Ivlabehire Bertrand (Mr), Les effets de la subvention nationale et de l'exemption de paiement des accouchements sur la fréquentation des formations sanitaires au Burkina Faso, Université de Montréal, PhD in Public Health

MELCHIORRE, Jonathan Luke (Mr), State Makes Youth: Youth Identity, Political Mobilization and the State in Kenya and Tanzania, University of Toronto, PhD in Comparative Politics

MURPHY, Gillian (Jill) (Ms), Barriers and Facilitators to the Integration of Mental Health Services in Primary Care in Vietnam: The Perspective of Health Workers, Simon Fraser University, PhD in Global Mental Health

NERENBERG, Jacob (Mr), Carrying On: Markets, Marginality, and Everyday Aspirations in Eastern Indonesia, University of Toronto, PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology

OKCUOGLU, Dilan (Ms), Strategies and Challenges of Minority Accommodation in Turkey's Borderlands (1990-2004 and 2004-present), Queen's University, PhD in Comparative Politics and Political Theory

RAEBURN, Kaywana Hansella Veronica (Ms), Agricultural Technology Adoption in Guyana: An Experimental Economics Approach, McGill University, PhD in Economics

SHEIKHELDIN, Gussai (Mr), Technological Development and Social Enterprises in Africa (Tanzania), University of Guelph, PhD in Rural Studies

ZAVALETA, Claudia (Carol) (Ms), Climate Change, Food Security and Nutrition among Amazonian Indigenous Peoples in Peru, McGill University, PhD in Health Geography

ZOMBRÉ, David (Mr), Les inégalités sociales et spatiales de santé et d'accès aux soins au Burkina Faso, Université de Montréal, PhD in Public Health

April 1, 2013 competition

AUNG, The Wint (Ms), Investigating Time-Use and Livelihood Changes from an Improved Stove Intervention in Rural India, University of British Columbia, PhD in Resources, Environment and Sustainability

BERDEJ, Samantha (Ms), Bridging Organizations to Improve Conservation Fit in the Coral Triangle Initiative (Indonesia), University of Waterloo, PhD in Geography and Environmental Management

DANDURAND, Guillaume (Mr), Politique alimentaire culturelle : Une perspective ethnographique  du Targeted Public Distribution System et de la sécurité alimentaire urbaine à New Delhi (Inde), York University, PhD in Social Anthropology

DENYER, Laurie (Ms), Making 'Peaceful Men': Rehabilitative Therapy and the Transformation of Masculinities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, McGill University, PhD in Medical Anthropology

GAGNÉ, Marie (Ms), The State, Foreign Corporations, and the Peasantry: A Struggle for the Control of Land in Senegal , University of Toronto, PhD in Political Science

GARCIA, Regiane (Ms), Participation of the Community in Health Policy-Making in Brazil – Towards a Balance between the Law and the Reality, University of British Columbia, PhD in Law

GLASSCO, Jennifer (Ms), Beyond an African "Youth Crisis": Livelihood Strategies and Empowerment of Maasai Youth in Kenya, McGill University, PhD in Anthropology

KOCHANSKI, Adam (Mr), National and International Determinants of Local Transitional Justice: A Comparative Study of Cambodia and Mozambique, University of Ottawa, PhD in Political Studies

LAROUCHE, Catherine (Ms), Politics of Religious Identity: A Study of NGO Empowerment Programs Aimed at Women of Religious Minority Communities in Lucknow (India), McGill University, PhD in Anthropology

LE, Quynh Ba (Mr), Livestock Production Farmers’ Perceptions of the Linkages between Water and Waste-Water Usage and their Mitigation Strategies for Avian Influenza (AI) Risk Factors (Vietnam), University of Calgary, PhD in Ecosystem and Public Health

LEWISON, Elsie (Ms), Disassembling Agricultural Extension in the Western Hills of Nepal, University of Toronto, PhD in Geography

LITTLE, Matthew (Mr), Nutrition Shift and Type 2 Diabetes in Rural Tamil Nadu: Disease Perceptions, Etiology, and Solutions (India), University of Guelph, PhD in Population Medicine

MALPICA CRUZ, Luis (Mr), Quantifying the Socioeconomic Impacts of an Invasive Predator on Marine Ecosystems (Mexico), Simon Fraser University, PhD in Biological Sciences

NGUYEN, Huu Trung (Mr), Resilience of Central Vietnam’s Rural Coastal Communities in the Face of Climate Change: Evaluating Constraints and Opportunities of Local Responses, Carleton University, PhD in Geography

O'HARA, Lyndsay Michelle (Ms), Determining Incidence Rate and Risk Factors for Tuberculosis among Healthcare Workers in two South African Provinces: A Cohort Study and Nested Case-Control Study, University of British Columbia, PhD in Epidemiology (DECLINED)

RAZAVI, Nasya Sara, (Ms), Beyond Privatization: Public Alternatives to Water Provision in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Queen's University, PhD in Geography

SAINT VILLE, Arlette (Ms), Connecting the Dots: Can Social Capital Inform the Building of Resilient and Innovative Food Security Policy in the Caribbean Community (St. Lucia)?, McGill University, PhD in Natural Resource Sciences

SAJO, Trina Joyce (Ms), Regulating Cybersex: Implications for ICT Development (Philippines), University of Western Ontario, PhD in Information and Media Studies

SCHOENBERGER, Laura (Ms), Grounding the Land Grab Debate in Cambodia: Opportunities for Re-Thinking and Re-Framing Land Concessions, York University, PhD in Geography

TORIO, Philamer Carlos (Mr), Water Privatization in Metropolitan Manila: Assessing the State of Equitable Access to Water (Philippines), University of British Columbia, PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies

TSCHIRHART, Naomi (Ms), Tuberculosis Treatment and Surveillance among Refugee, Migrant and Cross-border Populations in Tak province, Thailand, University of Ottawa, PhD in Population Health

UDDIN, Mohammed Salim (Mr), Understanding Community Resilience and Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Natural Disasters in Bangladesh by Using Participatory Research and Community-Focused Strategies, University of Manitoba, PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management

WHITFIELD, Kyly Christine (Ms), Fortified Fish Sauce as a Means of Combating Thiamin Deficiency in Rural Cambodia, University of British Columbia, PhD in Human Nutrition

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