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What We Do
Supporting ideas, fostering innovation

IDRC believes that research and innovation hold the keys to progress in developing countries. 

To make knowledge a tool for addressing pressing challenges,

  • we provide researchers in developing countries with the financial resources, advice, and training that will help them find solutions to the local problems they identify
  • we encourage sharing knowledge with policymakers, other researchers, and communities around the world
  • we foster new talent by offering fellowships and awards
  • we disseminate research findings and strive to get new knowledge into the hands  of those who can use it.
In doing so, we make an important contribution to Canada’s foreign policy, complementing the work of Global Affairs Canada, and other government departments and agencies. This helps promote Canadian values such as political and intellectual pluralism and intellectual diversity, evidence-based policy-making, and democratic dialogue.
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For more information, read our annual report.
What We Do
Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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